TaxPacc specialises in South African Mining Tax.

Try the new TaxPacc South African mining tax modules for Mining Tax and Royalty Tax.

our new mining tax modules address south african mining tax and royalty tax to make life a little easier for you

For those who don't already know, TaxPacc is tax accounting software that supports the tax life cycle. We've made it even better by introducing Mining Tax modules to assist and support South African mines. These modules address:

TaxPacc addresses the following challenges faced by mining tax accountants:

  1. Capital expenditure deductions limited to mining income
  2. Complicated mine ordering rules
  3. Interdependency of mining and royalty tax calculations
  4. Separate mining capital expenditure calculations for royalty purposes
  5. Adjustment of Gross Sales and EBIT to exclude transport costs, insurance, etc.

TaxPacc helps to meet the judgements of the following cases:

The Supreme Court of Appeal judgement in the matter between Armgold/Harmony Freegold Joint Venture (Pty) Ltd and the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service, Case No: 703/2011 which set out how to apply the rules of sections 36(7C), 36(7E) and 36(7F) of the Income Tax Act No.58 of 1962.

The South African Supreme Court of Appeal in the matter between the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service and United Manganese Kalahari (Pty) Ltd, Case No: 264/2019, confirmed the meaning of ‘without regard to expenditure’ in determining Gross Sales with respect to any expenditure incurred in respect of transport, insurance and handling of minerals in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Act No.28 of 2008.

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